5 Noteworthy Freedoms You’ll Enjoy with Invisalign

Smiling woman making heart with Invisalign alignersTraditional braces and Invisalign continue to be two of the most sought-after teeth straightening solutions. Since they are both effective, safe, and reliable, you naturally may be wondering which one is best for you. While the answer will ultimately be a decision you and your dentist make together, it’s worth learning about all of the freedoms of Invisalign. So, read on!

Freedom to Floss

If you’ve had metal braces in the past (or you had a close friend or sibling who had them), you probably know about the cumbersome oral hygiene regimen that comes with traditional orthodontic treatment. Since you can easily remove your clear aligners, the same cannot be said about Invisalign! Instead of having to carefully weave the floss between each bracket and wire, you’ll simply remove your trays and floss as usual.

Freedom to Eat

Another noteworthy freedom with Invisalign is that you can eat whatever you want – there are no dietary restrictions! The only “rule” is that you must remove your aligners before eating. The same goes for drinking anything other than water, including coffee. Forgoing this guideline can cause your trays to warp or stain, so it’s best to take the time to quickly remove your aligners and place them in their designated storage case before enjoying your meal or drink.

Freedom from Discomfort

It’s no secret that traditional metal braces can cause discomfort at times. While orthodontic treatment of any kind comes with some soreness, Invisalign is considerably more comfortable. That’s because each tray is custom-made from smooth, high-quality plastic to fit snugly against your teeth without irritating your gums, tongue, and the soft tissue in your mouth.

Freedom to Plan

Whether you have a busy work schedule or you have a big trip coming up, you won’t have to worry about Invisalign getting in your way. While traditional braces require monthly appointments, you may only see your dentist every six weeks or so with Invisalign. So, your calendar is considerably freer!

Freedom to Smile

Unfortunately, many patients with metal braces don’t feel comfortable smiling until after their orthodontic treatment is over. Since Invisalign clear aligners are incredibly discreet, you can confidently flash your pearly whites while you work through your series of trays. After all, even your closest friends and family may have a hard time telling when you’re wearing them!

With Invisalign, you won’t just straighten your teeth; you’ll have the freedom to enjoy your smile (and your life!) throughout the process. So, if you’re interested in clear aligners, schedule an appointment with your dentist to find out if you’re a candidate.

About the Author

For more than 30 years now, Dr. Kimberley Capua has been helping patients in Carrollton smile brighter. In addition to studying at the Baylor College of Dentistry, she is a member of the Texas Dental Association and the Dallas County Dental Society. She loves staying abreast of the latest techniques and materials to ensure that she is continually offering those in her treatment chair with the absolute best care. If you have a question about Invisalign or would like to find out if it’s the right smile-enhancing solution for you, then don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment via our website or by phone at (972) 418-1811.