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Mouth Guards Carrollton Families Rely On During Football Season

When Dr. Kimberley Capua started practicing dentistry in Carrollton in 1991, she’d already been a Texas resident since 1970, and she knew the importance of football season in Texas. Every town shuts down during the Friday night games, and reopens after. There’s nothing quite like high school football in Texas. For many patients, the anticipation

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Harmful Dental Habits to Avoid

Teeth play a very prominent and critical role in a satisfying and happy lifestyle. Teeth are needed to speak properly helping to form words and sounds correctly. The ability to chew is essential to consume many fruits, vegetables, meats, even breads. Self-confidence wavers when personal appearance is hampered due to missing or unattractive teeth. There

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The First Signs of Gingivitis

As periodontal disease advances, the treatments needed to eliminate the inflammation become increasingly invasive. If gum disease progresses to the point at which the gums begin receding or bone is lost, you may be facing a dental procedure. Fortunately, a dentist can treat the earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis, with a thorough cleaning. This

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