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Can a Genetic Test Predict Your Oral Health?

Today, advanced genetic testing has opened the door to help us understand more about our health and wellbeing than ever before. You can purchase a number of DNA testing kits that claim to accurately measure risk for numerous health conditions, including oral health concerns. Unfortunately, the genetic indicators revealed by these tests are not the

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Mouth Guards Carrollton Families Rely On During Football Season

When Dr. Kimberley Capua started practicing dentistry in Carrollton in 1991, she’d already been a Texas resident since 1970, and she knew the importance of football season in Texas. Every town shuts down during the Friday night games, and reopens after. There’s nothing quite like high school football in Texas. For many patients, the anticipation

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Keeping Teeth Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time for our patients. While it is normally common knowledge that expecting patients will be visiting their doctor for frequent checkups, some women are unaware that receiving regular dental care during pregnancy is important, too. Our general dentist strongly encourages expecting patients to maintain regular dental appointments for oral examinations

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