Dental Services for Carrollton Families

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry are Dr. Capua’s areas of specialty. Whether you need a whole new smile, a routine cleaning, or something in between… you’ll find that Dr. Capua and her staff will give you everything you need to make informed, careful choices about what works best for you.

Preventive Dentistry

The cornerstone of services provided by your Carrollton dentist is preventive dentistry. Our dental practice is designed to help patients enjoy the best possible dental health and avoid problems. With this in mind, the dentist Carrollton trusts, Dr. Capua, would like to see patients of all ages twice each year for a dental cleaning and exam. With this regularity, we can keep close tabs on your oral health and make recommendations for appropriate treatment based on what we discover at these periodic appointments. Dr. Capua may want you to have fluoride treatments to help strengthen tooth enamel, the first line of defense against tooth decay. Likewise, your Carrollton dentist may suggest dental sealants, which are a physical barrier between your teeth and the bacteria that cause decay.

Another important preventive measure to protect your smile is a mouthguard. Regardless of what your sport is or how often you play, a mouthguard protects your teeth, gums, lips, tongue and cheeks. And recent research shows that if an athlete incurs a concussion, then a mouthguard may lessen the effects and severity of this brain injury.

Restorative Dentistry

For most of our patients, there comes a time when tooth restoration is necessary. Almost everyone eventually needs a cavity filled, and fortunately Dr. Capua offers tooth-colored fillings. These are made of composite resin material, so they not only match the color of your tooth, they are also strong and long-lasting.

For patients who are contending with the difficulties of missing teeth, we offer a number of tooth replacement options. A dental bridge consists of at least two crowns anchored to healthy teeth. These crowns in turn support a false tooth or false teeth that literally bridge the gap of one or more missing teeth. Alternatively, dental implants replace the both the root and crown of a missing tooth, thereby providing a secure base for a crown or implant supported denture.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Coming in a close second to having a healthy smile, Dr. Capua wants you to have a beautiful smile. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments include both in-office and take-home teeth whitening, porcelain veneers to cover the teeth you have and reveal the smile you want, and Ivisalign® for straight teeth with clear plastic aligners.