Preventive Dentistry for Carrollton Families

Your First Line of Defense for a Healthy Smile

general-dentist-CarrolltonDr. Capua offers a wide variety of preventive services to ensure that you are always in optimal oral health. Dr. Capua believes preventing damage to the teeth or gums is always better than fixing damage later.

Preventive dentistry is imperative for enjoying healthy teeth and gums. Receiving regular prophylaxis (professional cleanings) and dental checkups helps our team detect potential oral health issues and conditions as early as possible. Early detection is essential for treating disease and damage as soon as possible while also helping to keep oral healthcare costs affordable to our patients. Our dentist offers preventive services beyond cleanings and checkups as well.

Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Patients should receive professional cleanings twice a year. While brushing and flossing at home is certainly important for reducing oral bacteria, plaque, and the incidence of decay or gum disease, professional cleanings are just as important to maintaining a healthy mouth. Professional dental cleanings are important for the removal of tartar—a substance that cannot be removed by oral hygiene practices conducted at home. Using special handheld tools, our hygienists will gently scrape away tartar buildup while also looking for indicators of gum disease and enamel loss.

Oral examinations are equally important. During checkups, our team will assess the health of all oral tissues including soft tissues in the mouth. During a checkup, our dentist will also look for signs of oral cancer—a condition that can claim lives if left undiagnosed and untreated.

Other Preventive Dental Services

While cleanings and checkups reduce the likelihood of certain conditions like gum disease and tooth decay, there are preventive treatments available. For example, fluoride treatments can be applied to the teeth at our practice to strengthen tooth enamel so that patients can reduce their risk for dental caries. Another common preventive treatment is the use of dental sealants to fill in fissures on the teeth to protect molars from decay caused by oral bacteria.

Our team is proud to offer preventive dentistry to members of our community to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles and reduce the costs of oral care. To schedule an appointment for a cleaning or examination, contact our friendly team today.

Dr. Capua’s preventive services include:

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