What Safety Protocols Your Dentist is Taking for a Successful Reopening

a dental staff member sanitizing instruments for a dentist in CarrolltonNow that your dentist in Carrollton is available for regular appointments and performing elective treatments, you may be wondering whether it is safe to return so soon. While states are lifting restrictions, it’s not unusual to be extra careful when venturing outside your home. If you have a dental checkup and cleaning scheduled, rest assured your dentist is following all the necessary steps to keep you safe. But how exactly are they keeping their office clean and virus-free? Read on to find out.

Why It’s Safe to See Your Dentist

Dental offices are naturally some of the most hygienic places you can visit right now. Abiding by strict guidelines as it pertains to sanitizing and disinfecting instruments and equipment, dental patient safety is now even more prominent because of the COVID-19 crisis. As the doors of these practices begin to reopen, you can feel confident that all the necessary measures and protocols put forth by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) are being followed.

While it is true that viral and bacterial infections are possible because of the proximity between patients and dental staff, your team is going above and beyond to remain meticulous about the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and how best to use certain chairside equipment to limit possible aerosol contamination.

But what else is being done to ensure dental offices are staying clean?

Exceeding Normal Standards for a Healthier Environment

From the removal of reading materials to daily temperature checks of staff when they arrive for work, your local dentist’s office will be operating a bit differently than before. New safety protocols are being put into place to better protect everyone who works and/or visits daily. You will find there are 14 additional measures that your dentist is abiding by that exceed the guidelines put forth by the CDC, American Dental Association (ADA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

But when it comes to cleaning a dental office, it’s more than just a spritz of disinfectant over the chair, countertops, and machinery. Harmful bacteria can thrive on these surfaces if not cleaned properly, which is why proper steps are being put into place to ensure that whatever you touch during your visit is germ-free. Some of these steps include:

  • Using disinfectants that are approved and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and claim to combat emerging viral pathogens.
  • Following manufacturer guidelines for sanitizing, disinfecting, and packaging all dental instruments, equipment, and PPE that are designed for reuse.

Your dentist understands these measures will require staff and patients to adjust to these “new norms.” As long as everyone works together, though, you will be able to continue receiving the dental care you need without worrying about COVID-19.

About the Author
Dr. Kimberley Capua is a trusted dentist in Carrollton, Texas. Earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1989 from Baylor College of Dentistry, she and her team are committed to providing a safe and clean environment for patients. Abiding by specific protocols, she is taking additional steps to make sure proper social distancing is practiced, PPEs are worn by staff, and additional pre-screenings are being performed on both patients and team members. As she prepares to reopen her doors, contact us via our website or by calling (972) 418-1811 to find out what we’re doing to keep our office virus-free.