Keeping Teeth Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time for our patients. While it is normally common knowledge that expecting patients will be visiting their doctor for frequent checkups, some women are unaware that receiving regular dental care during pregnancy is important, too. Our general dentist strongly encourages expecting patients to maintain regular dental appointments for oral examinations and dental cleanings.

Why Dental Care During Pregnancy is Important

As you well know, the body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. For expecting mothers, the fluctuations of hormones can affect oral health—primarily the teeth and gums. For example, these hormonal ups and downs can make the gum tissue more sensitive. When the gums become more sensitive they are more likely to become inflamed and irritated by plaque and tartar deposits and this can lead to gum disease. In fact, some women suffer with gum disease during pregnancy. Since gum disease can threaten overall oral health, our team strongly encourages pregnant patients to receive regular cleanings to keep teeth clean and checkups to detect oral conditions.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene During Pregnancy

Although oral hygiene is always important, expecting patients should be even more vigilant with their oral health and hygiene practices during pregnancy. We strongly encourage our patients to floss every day and brush their teeth at least twice a day for about two to three minutes each time. When brushing, patients should also gently brush the gums to stimulate periodontal tissue along with brushing their tongues and the insides of their cheeks to reduce oral bacteria in the mouth.

When brushing and flossing, pregnant patients should look for signs such as bleeding gums or changes in the color of gum tissue. If patients experience these symptoms or other issues such as tooth sensitivity, let our team know if they worsen.

Our team strives to offer excellent oral healthcare to all of our patients, including expecting mothers. To schedule a cleaning or examination with our caring and experienced general dentist, Dr. Kimberley Capua, contact our practice at your earliest convenience.