How Long Before I Start to See Results with Invisalign?

For adults and teens looking for an inconspicuous and comfortable way to straighten their smiles, Invisalign is often their go-to option. This teeth straightening system has changed the way people look at orthodontic care, primarily because Invisalign offers many unique advantages when compared to traditional metal and wire braces. Our experienced and caring dentist is proud to offer Invisalign to our patients.

What is Invisalign exactly?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth over time. Instead of traditional metal oral appliances used to align teeth, this system consists of removable plastic aligners, which resemble a retainer. Patients wear a series of custom fitted aligners in succession to shift teeth to healthier positions.

What are some advantages of Invisalign?

When compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is unique because the oral appliances are removable. For example, patients can remove their aligners when eating and when brushing and flossing their teeth. This is advantageous for keeping teeth free of food and debris because patients can eat and practice oral hygiene without obstruction. A second advantage to Invisalign is the fact that this orthodontic method utilizes soft and slightly pliable plastics in its design, which prevents sores and irritation when aligners come into contact with soft oral tissue like the insides of cheeks. Finally, Invisalign aligners are incredibly discreet and almost undetectable to others.

How long does it take to see results?

Every patient’s needs are different and their progress during treatment can vary depending on the position of their teeth. Depending on the patient, Invisalign can produce noticeable results in just a few months’ time.

For patients interested in receiving orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to set up an appointment with our dentist. During your appointment, our team will answer any questions you have and give more in-depth information about how Invisalign works. Our dentist will also perform an examination to determine if this orthodontic method is best for your needs.

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